How to Wear a Glueless Wig: A Complete Beginners Guide

There is no need to compromise when the concern is hair styling. Now not everyone has strong thick hair and also nobody wants to put chemicals or heat on them daily but hairstyling hair is also demanded. Here the wigs are handy tools that let you add volume to your hair and design them easily with hot tools without worrying.

The market is full of wigs of different sizes and designs. You also have options for wigs with glue and tape. But glueless wigs are more chosen because of their easy installation and no mess creation. Now, most people want to know how to wear a glueless wig. Read the given article to find an efficient way to do this.

How to Install a Glueless Wig in the Proper Way?

Glueless wigs are beginner-friendly wigs and you can attain the hairstyle easily with them without indulging in any complicated process. These wigs can be worn in different ways.

Mostly they come with clips, bands, or combs for security purposes but you can also find glueless wigs that have a combination of attachments. For instance, you can find a glueless wig with an elastic band at the back that is adjustable. By using the band you can lose or tighten the wig. For more security combs are present at the side of the wigs.

The combination of the attachments is totally dependent upon the manufacturers. They may vary depending on the size of the attachment, the quality, and the combination. For those people who are very particular about the wigs, full lace wigs are present without any preexisting attachments; they can simply take it and add their own attachments at the desirable place.

Step By Step Guideline to Wear a Glueless Wig

Following simple steps are needed to be followed in order to wear a glueless wig easily with a natural look:

Step 1. Hair Preparation

First of all, you need to prepare your hair for the installation of a glueless wig. For this purpose, you have to wash and deep condition your hair. Trim them also if needed.

Step 2. Apply Wig Cap

Before wearing the wig it is recommended to wear a wig cap that will act as a barrier between the wig and your natural hair. It will also prevent the slipping of the wig by creating friction between the wig and the hair.

Step 3. Powder Foundation Application

Take your makeup brush and apply a little bit of powder foundation according to your skin tone inside the wig at the back of the lace.

Step 4. Installation

Place the wig on your head and cut the lace off so that it can adjust easily. Take a pair of short scissors and align the lace at your forehead ear to ear. Now by following the hairline in a zigzag motion cut the lace in little sections. Here it is recommended to start in the middle and then cut from left to right first on one side and then on the other side from right to left.

Note: there is no need to cut the baby hairs as most of the wigs are pre-plucked.

Step 5. Setting

Now you need to apply foam wrap and comb the baby hairs downward to set the wig at the place where you can tie the headscarf around the hairline for up to 30 minutes. That’s it your glueless wig is now installed you can style your hair using different tools to attain what is desirable.


Glueless wigs are amazing options, especially for beginners. There is no need to deal with any type of adhesive or to put in a lot of effort. For your complete guide, a step-by-step guideline is provided above in the article by using which you can wear your glueless wig easily without any type of external help.



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