How to pick the best pod?

Pods are gaining immense popularity worldwide, especially among the young population. Pod systems are reliable and easier to use than conventional cigarettes and cigars. Pod usually resembles small pipe composed of metal or plastic. The main casing is transparent to check the liquid levels whenever needed. An atomizer is also installed within a pod to heat the liquid at the required temperature. Pod pipes, pod vapes, and pod kits all lie under the category of pod mods systems used for compact vaping. If you are familiar with the pod systems, you must be aware of the effective upgradation of the pod features.

The pod industry is taking into account the demands and needs of customers to make pod use easy and comfortable for them. But unfortunately, some companies scam people into buying low-quality pods. To prevent this, you should know the features of a good pod system. If a particular company provides those features and good customer reviews, you can surely go for it. ELFBAR is a well-known brand for pods with smart and innovative features. Some good qualities of pod systems given below will help you choose the best pod.


Pods are convenient in that they are portable and can be carried anywhere. You can use it in cinemas, workplaces, parks, clubs, etc. They are usually made of plastic and rarely of metal. If you need a slight throat hit of your favorite liquid, take it out of your pocket and enjoy.

Replaceable coil

Pod brands are now launching pods with the replaceable coil. Inappropriate handling of the coil can lead to burning hits. Burn hits are painful, produce an intense burning sensation in the throat, and can ruin your day. It happens when you turn on the atomizer with a dry coil, leading to coil damage. It may produce the need to replace the coil. So, make sure to keep your coil wet and well.

Refilling capacity

Pod systems come in two varieties:

  • Pre-filled pods
  • Refillable pods

Most people prefer refillable pods as they can be filled anywhere with your desired amount. You can also change the amount according to your needs. In contrast, pre-filled pods cost a little higher than refillable pods. You can use them if you don’t have the time to break the pod open and fill it. They only have a fixed amount of a specific e-liquid. The usual capacity of the pod is 2ml. It is better to buy a pod with a large capacity for e-liquids. Low-capacity pods run out of liquid just after ten puffs.

Use of nicotine salts in pods

Pod systems are specialized for the use of nicotine salts. Nicotine salts cannot be used in regular ohm tanks because they can lead to nicotine poisoning. You can enjoy pleasurable robust throat hits using pod systems.


The best part of the pod system is its affordable price. You can get a high-quality pod for less than $20. It usually lasts for an extended period if not lost.


ELFBAR provides you with high-quality pods for perfect throat hits with each puff. It gives you a chance to experience puffs similar to that of cigarettes. So, it’s better to do some internet research to get your hands on durable pod systems.



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