Custom Bobblehead Dolls Are A Great Business Idea

The dolls with oversized heads are bobblehead dolls. The head is attached to the lower body with a spring that nods generously after applying minimal pressure. The custom bobblehead dolls are one of the most popular gift items at present.

Bobblehead dolls are mostly made up of polyresin, which provides a natural glowy finish to the product. Moreover, these dolls consist of polyresins that don’t crack easily. On the other hand, keeping the making charges in mind, sometimes bobbleheads can also be formed with air-dry clay. But that’s fragile and tends to break easily.

What Type Of Businesses Can Sell Custom Bobblehead Dolls?

Toy Shops

You can obtain bobblehead dolls quickly in toy shops. These shops are likely to retain the readymade bobblehead dolls but don’t appreciate making customized ones. Bobblehead dolls of cartoon characters or celebrities are primarily available in these stores.

Gift Item Shops

Like toy shops, bobblehead dolls are readily available in gift shops. Bobblehead dolls are one of the best gifting options. People appreciate gifting bobblehead dolls of cartoon characters or superheroes to their loved ones. So these are readily available in gift shops.

Art Galleries

Sometimes you can also find bobblehead dolls in art galleries. Moreover, bobblehead dolls can also be utilized as home decoration. So getting these products at any exhibition is pretty comfortable. In these exhibitions, people sell their handmade bobblehead dolls to attract customers.

Handmade Doll Shops

Bobblehead dolls can also be made of air-dry clay but can crack easily. But some stores sell this variety also. This variety of bobblehead dolls is mainly popular in handmade doll shops. In these shops, the buyers customize their dolls accordingly and purchase them at a reasonable price.

Customize Gift Shops

Getting bobblehead dolls at any customized gift shop is quite an easy task. These stores have non-fragile and high-quality bobbleheads, and keep in mind the detailing of the product. On the other hand, not only cartoon or celebrity bobbleheads but these shops also deliver customized bobbleheads to the client.

Online Retail Stores

Online retail stores ate the solutions to all the problems. Currently, you can find a lot of online shops that sell bobblehead dolls. Nonetheless, these also customize the products according to the client’s desire.

Why Sell Bobbleheads?

Most Popular Product

Bobbleheads are one of the most famous products in the market. Most stores have spread their business by providing customized bobblehead dolls to customers. On the other hand, the seasoning of customization has added spark to the product when it comes to a gifting choice. Although it can be proclaimed customization made bobbleheads much more popular.

Funny And Entertaining

An oversized head attached to a thin body is the most fun element in bobblehead dolls. Yet, how the product swings or nods after referring to gentle pressure makes it more entertaining.


After knowing so much about bobblehead dolls, you must be wondering where you can get your ones. Don’t worry; Bbobbler is here to rescue you. It’s one of the most appreciative brands when it comes to bobbleheads. You can customize your bobbleheads or acquire readymade ones from their official website.



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